Today's Work Environment

Today's Work Environment

Your work environment is a key factor in determining how your workday will go and how productive you will be. That’s why it has, without a doubt, become crucial for companies to set their employees up for success by providing a workspace that cultivates collaboration, a flow of ideas, and efficiency.

Formal cubicles and having your own office (with the door closed) have now become a thing of the past. Most of your day is spent in an office, so why not transform yours into one that is enjoyable? Here are a few key elements of today’s modern office:

The Open Office Space

Over the past decade or so, the open office has certainly become quite a fixture in the modern workplace. This relaxed, less corporate floorplan is designed to improve workflow and communication. With no barriers between coworkers, these offices can often be seen with long rows of tables, where staff members can work alongside their managers and even executives. With fewer walls and doors, this space makes management much more approachable and encourages a place where information and ideas can flow freely.

Most companies are embracing this new standard layout, with around 70% of all offices in the U.S. currently having an open floor plan of some sort. And while companies have turned to this floor plan to improve workflow and employee cohesiveness, it’s also saving them a great deal of money. Having an open layout maximizes the space, while minimizing costs. It’s a great advantage financially when employers don’t have the burden of purchasing cubicles and building walls in the office.

Leaders Can Now Be Seen In The Middle of The Action

With the open office concept becoming vastly popular, staff members can now be seen sitting alongside their leaders, bosses, and even the CEO. Having your leader sit smack dab in the middle of the action can be beneficial in a number of ways for the company. 

It sends a message: rather than having their employees work towards the goal of their boss, they are all workers working toward a common goal. By mixing employees with all different levels, everyone gets to have a say in the business decisions and give feedback on each other’s ideas. 

Leaders are tuned in to the office vibe: by sitting in the same area as their team, they will be able to hear everything. Being aware of employees’ concerns allows them to offer feedback and guidance when it’s needed. 

More approachable: nobody wants to work in a place where they do not feel comfortable talking to the executives. Sitting alongside junior employees and other senior-executives allows them to approach and ask questions at any given time.

Personal Workspaces Are Getting Smaller

Workers are spending more time collaborating and working with their teams, which means they are spending more time away from their personal workstations. As a result of this, personal workspaces can now shrink, leaving excess space for other office uses, or, simply making the space more effective.

Today’s technology is much smaller, which means less space is needed within a work surface. Large desks are now cumbersome and excessive, as flat-screen monitors, tablets, and thin laptops have taken over this tech-centric generation. And for most, their ease with mobile technology enables them to work anywhere, at any time—coffee shops, conference rooms, etc.!

Shaping your own office space into an open-office experience can make people feel more connected to their workplace, and gives them the ability to shape their own work environment. At Hauptman Realty we specialize in office space in Melville, NY and commercial space in Roslyn, NY. Contact us today, our Long Island office space options may just be the perfect place to start building your new productive haven.

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