Becoming the Ideal: Tips on How to Be a Fantastic Co-Worker

Becoming the Ideal: Tips on How to Be a Fantastic Co-Worker

Whether starting a new job, wanting to mingle with new employees, or even hoping to make better relationships with the people you’ve been working with for ten-plus years, these tips and tricks can help you become the best coworker you can be!

Think Positive!

No one likes a Debbie Downer, and even though it can be tricky at 7 AM on your fifth cup of coffee knowing you have to bring the kids to soccer practice and play rehearsal and God knows where else tonight, trying your best to leave that negativity and stress at home can make you more likable overall. Feigning positivity can even make you become more positive in the long haul! 

Become a small talk master

The ability to make small talk is a challenge that every person, not just businessmen and women, should conquer. Light chatter makes for a friendly environment, which overall improves the quality of the workplace. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation about your fellow peers’ weekend, or talk about today’s weather. However, know when to chat and when not to. Too much talking can prove a distraction for yourself and others.  

Steer clear of gossip

Although it can be tempting, gossip brings about enormous negativity. Think about it- you wouldn’t want anybody to talk about you behind your back. If someone comes to you with some gossip, do the right thing and move on. Ignore them or change the subject. Replace nasty chit-chat with positive compliments instead. An optimistic office is a happy office. 

Timeliness is key

Make the effort to be prompt and polite. Respond to emails and phone calls quickly, be early to appointments. Lateness can convey a message that others are beneath or unimportant to you. Not only does proper office etiquette make you look good, it makes your whole office look good, too.

Be the bigger person

Even in the most noble office, we still always have that one bad apple. Don’t let their bad attitude bring you down. If you’re approached by someone with a lot to say, just smile and nod. Avoid starting arguments or getting caught up in altercations. 

Don’t assume

We often feel as if we are carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. How many times have you claimed that no one else is doing their job? Never assume unless you know for certain. Everyone has their own responsibilities, and we should accept that. 

Keep an open mind

Stay open to new ideas and changes. Encourage your coworkers to share their thoughts. Keep things nondiscriminatory, and remember that many different cultures surround you. Be accepting of others.  

The major takeaway is to just be kind. Be kind to yourself, to others, to your boss. Keep a positive attitude and work hard. 

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